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PS4 Controller Skins

It’s amazing to see how far the iconic Playstation controller has morphed over the years. What started as an attempt to improve upon the SNES controller with design enchantments quickly evolved into the established DualShock brand name. The Dualshock 4 for the Ps4 is no exception adding great features and improving the functionality.

One of the most stand out features of the PS4 controller is the light bar on the top. It allows you to customize what kind of colors you want on your controller. But besides such a great step towards customization, there aren’t a lot of other ways you can make your controller look or feel unique.

Thankfully, there’s a fairly simple solution to all this. To get your controller to look different all you need to do is buy PS4 Controller skins for sale. These will let you make your controller feel like your own. By opting to buy PS4 Controller skins for sale you will truly set your PS4 controller apart from the rest.

PS4 Controller Skins/Stickers/Wraps Features:

If you’re one of the people that has never used skins on any of their devices, you might be wondering what benefits can lead you to buy PS4 Controller skins for sale. There are a number of great reasons why you should consider putting skins on your PS4 controllers. We’ll get in to some of the most important ones below.

Custom & Personal

There are so many PS4 controllers out there that all look identical. All you have to separate them is a handful of standard factory color schemes. Some limited edition controllers out there do offer you different designs. But at the sake of paying a premium and making the effort to find such a controller near you can be difficult.
If you want to break away from the mold of a standard black or white colored controller, skins are the way to go. They give you the freedom to go beyond what you can buy in the store. You can truly make your controller look suited to your tastes and personality. And the best part is that you will never have to buy a separate controller to do it. All you need to do is buy PS4 Controller skins for sale and you’re all set.

Unique Controller

If you’re the kind of person that plays games with other people, you know the pain of having multiple controllers in one place. Whether you have your friends or family members over, everyone has their preferred controller. The problem comes when you’re trying to tell one controller apart from another when they all come in single tone colors. You can set the light bar up to display different colors for each controller but having to set it up every time you want to play is never ideal. By having skins on your controllers, you can truly tell them apart. This also allows you to set aside separate controllers for each of your players. Everyone can have their desired controller with their favorite design, color, or favorite video game character. You won’t have to second guess which controller belongs to you; all of you can just pick up and play with no hassle.

Better Grip

Not everyone likes the slippery feeling of a plastic hard shell that the PS4 controller has. It can sometimes make it hard for you to hold the controller in your hands. The last thing you want is to get fatigued from having to use extra effort to keep the controller propped up in your hands. Not only can it make you feel uncomfortable but it’s also likely to make you lose games more.
Skins can circumvent issues like this by providing a better surface for you to hold your controller with. You can choose anything from a matte finish to a semi matte or any other texture. This not only prevents the controller from slipping out of your hands but gives you much more comfort over all. You’ll be able to play your games with ease knowing that you can win your games without having to exert yourself. By having to use minimal effort, you can put your focus where it really belongs which is in the game.

How to Buy PS4 Controller Skins For Sale And Apply Them

With so many different skins out there, you might be confused over which ones you should buy. And if this is your first time buying a skin, it’s highly likely you’re not sure how to properly apply them to your controller. We’ll be looking at how you can go about getting a nice skin on your PS4 controller.

Buying Stickers

There are many different kinds of skins out there. You can pick one based on your favorite color, pattern, or even your preferred texture. This all depends on your personal preferences and tastes. Any skin that speaks to you or looks like you would want it on your controller is a good skin to get. In fact, there are so many designs that it’s hard to go wrong.

Apply & Install

Once you have your desired skin, all that’s left is to actually apply it on your PS4 controller. Typically, instructions are provided with the skin itself. But even without them, the process is simple. You just need to make sure you’re in a clean dirt free environment. Wipe down your controller thoroughly to remove any dirt or lint, center the skin, and then apply it on the controller. You will then be all set to enjoy your new controller.


Putting a skin on your PS4 controller is a great way to make it feel different and unique. You will be able to escape the boring and dull looks of a standard PS4 controller. Not only will you have a controller that looks and feels great but it will also feel more personalized towards you.

PS4 Console Skins for Sale

When you think of a PlayStation 4, you think of either Platinum Black or Glacier White. In fact, these are the only two standard colors that you can buy your console in. Most of the time, you don’t have a lot of choice in what you want your console to look like. What you end up with is a console unit that can just as easily blend into your living room setup.

While this may be what some people are looking for, maybe this doesn’t apply to you. Maybe you’re look for something that can stand out and pop amongst everything else. If you’re looking for something that can make your PS4 look eye catching and unique, then skins are the way to go.

You can buy PS4 Console skins for sale which will allow you to freely customize your console whichever way you want. You can entirely transform your boring old console into a new and improved console that will grab anyone’s attention.

PS4 Console Sticker Benefits:

Lots of people like to use personalized console skins for their PS4. But if you’re never used one before, you might be wonder why it would be a good idea to buy PS4 Console skins for sale. You’ll find that there are countless reasons you should go on to buy PS4 Console skins for sale. Here are some of the most common ones.

Customize Your PS4 Console

It’s very hard to come across a PS4 that will look like you want it to look. You only get a choice of white and black for standard colors. You might get some more varied designs with limited edition consoles but those come with their own problems. For one, they are very limited in number which means you don’t always have a guaranteed console. Sometimes they’re region specific launches that are only sold in specific parts of the world. Even if you do find one in your area, it can be a very costly purchase.
Instead of limiting yourself to a few specific special edition consoles, you can go for a skin. This lets you truly customize your consoles however you want. You can go with everything from patterns and designs to virtually anything including your favorite characters or teams.

Keep Your PlayStation 4 Protected

Over the years, you can have a lot of wear and tear affect your PS4. Even with the greatest care, you can’t really avoid having your console slowly deteriorate. If you have been using your console for a while, you can expect things like scratches and dings to pop up every now and then. Sadly, it’s the unavoidable part of owning a console. This not ruins the visual look of your PS4 but also tanks its resale value if you ever decide to sell it again.

Applying a nice skin to your PS4 can solve this problem instantly. The skin will not only make your console look visually pleasing but it will also double up as a protective layer and prevent further damage. Things like scratches, dirt build up, fingerprints, smudges, water marks, dings, and scrapes won’t be something you’ll ever have to worry about. The skin will take all of the exterior damage while keeping the console underneath as pristine as the day you got it out of the box. The best part about this solution is that if your skin ever does wear down, you can just take it off and pop a new one on and enjoy using your console.

Choose Your Own Texture & Design

When you buy a brand new console, you’re at the mercy of the company that designs it. Whichever texture the manufacturer decides to implement will be the one you’re stuck with. This can be a big problem for some people. This is especially true since different PS4 iterations come with different textures. You could have an old model with a half glossy and half matte finish or a newer one with a rough matte finish.

These kinds of finishes can be bad for their own reasons. The glossy finish becomes a big magnet for scratches, fingerprints, and smudges. Whereas the matte finish is too rough and develops surface level cracks easily. Thankfully, putting on a skin remedies both of these problems. You can prevent scratches and any unnecessary buildup. You can even choose your own texture to complement your console. It will also help with adding grip to the top of your PS4. This is useful if you have a habit of placing your controllers or game boxes on top of your console.

How to Buy PS4 Console Skins For Sale And Apply Them

Since there are so many different skins out there for sale you might feel overwhelmed over which ones to buy. We will look at some ways you can decide what skin you should get and how you can apply it to your PS4.

Buying a Suitable Skin

When buying a skin for your PS4, you want to consider your personal preferences and taste. You can choose your favorite color, or pattern. You could go for your favorite sports team or video game character. If all else fails, you can go for something that will match your living room setup.

Apply & Install

PS4 skins generally come with helpful instructions telling you exactly how to apply them. But even if you don’t have instructions on hand, it can be easy to figure out how to get your skin on your PS4. All you have to is wipe the surface clean and make sure there isn’t any dirt or lint. Then carefully center the skin and apply it making sure to avoid air bubbles. That should be all to get you set.


Putting a skin on your PlayStation 4 console will give you endless benefits and a chance to personalize your console in a way that you never could before. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how much freedom of customization a skin will give you.